Flooring Specials

Beware of “free carpet installations”, “50% off carpet installations”, “discount carpet” or ” carpet specials”

How many times have you heard commercials from the big box stores and installation companies offering ‘free carpet installations’?

How many times have you heard them running a 50%, or 60%” off carpet sales and installations?

I have had many people ask me, “But how can you beat HD’s prices when they are offering ‘free carpet installations’?” Don’t believe the marketing gimmick. The installers are paid for installation and they are paid with the massive margin they have in the products they are selling to you.

How do they get away with it? The materials are marked up so high, that the flooring installation costs are hidden into the materials cost. Take the 50% off or 60% off gimmick for example. If carpet stores can afford to give customers that much off of the cost, then it is obvious that they are marking their prices up way too high at the start. To offer these ‘low, low prices’, means that it is a standard practice for big box stores to overcharge customers, to begin with. Since companies go through such extremes to attract customers, it has to make one wonder how honorable or ethical the process is in other areas that you have no clue about. Who wants to do business with a company that uses tricks, and falsehoods to get customers to make that first phone call? Personally, it would offend me if I was in the market to purchase.

Here at Pride N Mine Flooring, we don’t trick people into ‘thinking’ they are getting a great deal. We give good deals right from the start, and we don’t upcharge it, just to “discount” it. That’s what they pay the marketing people to do. Tell customer’s things that they want to hear. I for one feel bad about the way they play on people’s lack of knowledge in business. I hate seeing people getting taken advantage of, and sucked in by store name notoriety.

We have been giving customers good, fair, honest deals since our establishment. I do not have any middle men involved in our flooring sales and installations driving up bottom line costs. Our fair pricing comes standard with no haggling. My pricing, as a standard, is still lower than any big box store, even after their specials! We do not sub out to other flooring stores like other businesses Here at Pride N Mine Flooring, we use in-house installers. We take pride in our quality and consistency and the only way we can guarantee our product is use in-house installers who have been thoroughly trained.

Salesmen for the most part do not know how to install flooring themselves besides the basics. If there is ever a problem on a job through a box store, the customer is at the mercy of the installer on site to take care of the problem or pass the buck on. The installers they send into customer’s homes, do not even have the salesperson’s phone number. There is a gap there which could pose serious time delays in correcting any unforeseen problems that sometimes show up on jobs. This is also how we stay on top of, and get out in front of possible problems. If you know business, and you value time, this is a key element, also known as communication, communication, communication – which are the first three rules of my business.
When comparing carpets and flooring alike, please make sure that you compare apples to apples. This is a must. Pride N Mine Flooring’s prices will be lower than these box stores I dare say 90+% of the time. Normally I am giving higher quality materials, at what these box stores are giving you lower quality materials, but at the same price. We have found this to be the case time and time again.

This is not a marketing strategy to battle our competition. This is based off of educated experience. This is also to educate the reader so that they do not fall for the tricks. This is to give the homeowner a truly fair priced quote, the first time, without all the smoke screens. The name Pride N Mine Flooring LLC was formed out of, and derived from, a work ethic – not for a sales gimmick.