Popular Flooring Options For Your Home Or Office

Posted October 26th, 2012

family room carpet

When trying to make your final decision on which type of flooring you would like to go with, it can be really difficult due to the many different types of flooring, colors, textures and unique qualities to each individual type. Whether you decide to go with hardwood due to its elegance, or carpet because you would like something more cozy and comfortable. Maybe laminate or tile is what you’re looking for because of its texture and also because it can be cheaper than the other mentioned above. I’m sure that you’re going to end up making the right decision according to your needs.


Hardwood Oak

Hardwood floors are a wonderful addition to your home or office. They will never out dated and they will also add beauty to any room. Hardwood floors also offer great benefits such as eliminating trapped dust and pollen that many other floors absorb. With many different stains to choose from it makes hardwood floors one of the most popular types of flooring on the market. They come in two types.

  • Solid Wood Flooring – This is a solid piece of wood from top to bottom. The thickness of this flooring can vary. It generally ranges from 3/4” to 5/16”. This type of flooring can be sanded and refinished.
  • Engineered Wood Floors – This type of flooring is manufactured using anywhere from 3 to 9 layers of wood. The grain of each layer runs in different directions which makes it very stable. With the top layer consisting of high quality wood. It can also be sanded and refinished but not as much as solid wood.


Vinyl Floor

This is a very popular option to home owners for the bathroom or kitchen areas. It’s water and stain resistant that is why its most commonly used in bathrooms. Vinyl comes in two options, you can get it by the sheet or tile. It’s also really easy to clean and the maintenance is minimal. With many different colors and patterns to match your interior design. Over time color fades away and that is why its not recommended for outdoor use. It’s durable and it doesn’t dent.

  • Vinyl Pattern types – The variety of vinyl is due to the way printed or inlaid. There are many different types to choose from so your possibilities are endless.


Red Tile

A great thing about tile is that its going to last for a really long time. Tile wont ware out and some tiles are harder than other depending on the one that you choose. Glass tiles are water resistant and also stain resistant. With many different stone types you’re sure to get the exact look that you desire. You’re certain to increase the beauty of a room when you install tile. Maintaing the tile in great condition is relatively simple as long as you clean it regularly and the maintenance is minimal.

  • Ceramic Tile – Ceramic tiles are fabricated from clay materials that are formed into a mold with different methods that include dry press, extruded and slush mold. Ceramic tiles are best distinguished by porcelain and non-porcelain. Traditional ceramic tiles is non-porcelain made from white, brown and/or red clay and other minerals. Porcelain Ceramic Tile – Porcelain Tile made from clay and minerals but it also had 50% white dust or sand called feldspar. Non-porcelain ceramic tile is one of the most economical types of tile flooring. Porcelain ceramic flooring is more expensive and can be harder to work with.
  • Natural Stone Tile – Natural stone tile is more expensive and is produced from natural materials that are cut to size and finished. The most common stones used are granite, marble, limestone and slate.
  • Slate – is very dense and durable. Darker earthy tones are available. Its naturally textured.
  • Limestone – With a earthy look in both light and dark shades this surface can be textured or polished smooth. Its less dense than granite and marble and it can easily be stained but it tends to scratch easy.
  • Marble – It has rich veining and its available in many colors.
  • Granite – Its really dense and hard. It also has veining like marble and there are many colors to choose from. Its a great choice for kitchens and high traffic areas.


Wood pattern laminate

It’s an alternate and a more inexpensive alternative to hardwood, tile or stone. The lamination process simply is the fusing of two or more types of materials and sealing them. The most common design is set to imitate hardwood so keep in mind that is not real wood. It is really simple to install. It doesn’t scratch or dent easily. Laminate floors are easy to maintain, clean and is also super durable. The choices available are:
Laminate Flooring without glue. They snap together at the edges with a tongue and groove locking system which eliminates the need for glue.Pre Glued Laminate Flooring. They have the glue already applied to the planks, in most cases you will have to dampen the edges to activate the glue.

  • Smooth Laminate – A plain finish something that you would see with hardwood, stone or marble. You can choose from high, medium and low gloss finishes.
  • Embossed Laminate – This process applies heat and pressure to the laminate for a raised surface finish.
  • Patina Laminate – A thin layer of paint is applied to an embossed laminate floor surface and then wiped away to create the appearance of a patina.
  • Wood Grain Laminate – This laminate imitates wood grain texture and can be made to resemble any type of wood flooring.


Red Carpet

The two most commonly types of carpet are; cut pile carpet and loop pile carpet. Each comes in different varieties to choose from. Some of the most popular brands of cut pile carpet are; Shaw cut pile, Mohawk cut pile and Beaulieu cut pile. You’ll probably be astonished at the huge selection and all the different types of carpet choices that are there out on the market for you to choose from. From the textures, colors, patterns and even inlays to help you put the wow factor for the specific room in the house that you’re looking for. You’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Cut Pile Carpet – This carpet is very durable due to the fiber it uses, the density of the tuts and also the twist of the yarn. There are four popular styes to choose from. Textured plush, Saxony, Frieze and Cable.
    Plush – This has a smooth and even finish. It’s one of the most popular types of carpet flooring which comes in a large variety of colors and textures.
  • Cable – This particular style is made with thicker and longer fibers that give it a more comfortable feel to the carpet. They are best suited for low to medium traffic areas. Their casual appearance is very appealing.
  • Frieze – This style of carpet is really durable and its also a great choice for high traffic areas. The yarn is twisted really tightly that it tends to curl over itself a the ends. It hides footprints and vacuum marks better than other carpet.,/li>
  • Saxony – This is the most popular style of carpet on the market. It’s more likely to show footprints and other marks more than any other carpet.,/li>
  • Loop Pile Carpet – Loop pile carpet is very durable and its considered an all purpose carpet. They don’t cut the tips, there for making the loops visible. The styles to choose from are level loop, patterned multi level loop and cut and loop.
  • Level Loop or Berber – The packed short looped fibers traditionally made of wool with modern synthetic fibers give the carpet high durability that helps hide footprints and stain resistance. Delicate patters that fit any room or style.
  • Cut and Loop – This style only cuts some of the loops, which help to create an appearance and texture different from any other carpets. It’s really good for high traffic areas and it also hides dirt and stains.
  • Pattern Carpet Multi Level Look – It has different levels of heights which gives it texture and pattern. It will go well in a high traffic area because it hides footprints very well.